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[Chill] Moths – <3

Sometimes, a song comes along that seems so simple with it’s mellow harmonies, subtle rhythms and minimal but necessary vocals, that becomes just what you needed. A second of pure harmonious bliss that is breathed in not just heard and you are left with <3. Moths creator is a 17 year old irishman named Jack Colleran who is dedicated to making awesome chill electronic but you can only find a couple of tracks here and you can also check out <3 the music video here.

Moths – <3

’Moths – <3

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[2010] Dirty Gold – California Sunrise

Shiny and new EP from Dirty Gold, California Sunrise sounds like exactly that, a sunrise. So mellow and chill, perfect beach music with just the right amount of African style drums and soft tropical guitar. And what better birthplace of this gem than the California sun of San Diego, brothers John and Lincoln Baliff and drummer friend Grant Nassif not even out of high school yet, recorded and released California Sunrise. So even if you don’t live in California i think this song gives you a taste of what we’re all about.

Dirty Gold – California Sunrise

’Dirty Gold – California Sunrise’
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[Indie] Bad Books – Baby Shoes

You know that feeling when you just want to be left the fuck alone? Well get in your sweats, turn the lights off, and scream in to pillow because your just pissed this angst could go well with tequila and Baby Shoes. With deep dark riffs, slow beats and low, temperamental vocals that make you want to punch a baby (but please don’t). Bad Books is a collab of two guys, Andy Hill and Kevin Devine. There is more to love than just Baby Shoes because there is indeed an album “Bad Books” on iTunes now. So remember my friend, forgiveness is the road to enlightenment… and also take some aspirin before you go to bed… angry

Bad Books – Baby Shoes

’Bad Books – Baby Shoes’
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[Fresh] Adele – Rolling in the Deep (Jamie xx Shuffle)

There’s a lot going on in this mix, first of all i am a big fan of Adele so i might be little bias to this song, but it doesn’t mean its not a good mix yo! the smokey powerhouse vocals of Adele, clap base throw in some voice modulation and some tropical beats because this recently released single deserves a good ol’ fashion messing with… in a good way. Rolling in the Deep is from the upcoming album of Adele called ’21’ released January 24 2011, so mark your calendars people. If you like Jamie XX‘s style you can find more remixes from him on his myspace page.

Adele – Rolling in the Deep (Jamie xx Shuffle)

’Adele – Rolling in the Deep (Jamie xx Shuffle)’

[Original] Adele – Rolling in the Deep

’Rolling in the Deep.mp3′
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[Indie] The Rodeo Church – Miserable

Don’t let the name mislead you, the actual song makes you feel the exact opposite. Its a pop/rock melody that makes you wanna run outside and just feel good. The lyrics are kind of a contradiction to what you feel as you listen. Originally founded via facebook by guitarist vocalist Adam E Young and Drummer Joshua Northcutt and later met their bassist Wellington Netto in class at Berklee College of Music. The Rodeo Church Moved to Allston MA to build “You Are Here Studios” and produce songs on their terms. In the beginning the 8-bit synth catches your attention then the guitar (which sounds like a classic strat) drops in and takes the lead. Vampire Weekend could be a an influence in this type of melody, rhythm and even voice so if you are a fan i strongly suggest this little gem.

The Rodeo Church – Miserable

’The Rodeo Church – Miserable’


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[Indie/Electronica] Art Acoustic – Pure Energy

Pure Energy is a great song to lay in bed and stare at ceiling to, I was kind of lost in space, I had my head in the clouds for three minutes and thirty four seconds and it all comes from the foreign land of Gothenburg Sweden YAH! Nils Hansson and Johaness Andersson formed Art Acoustic in 2009, combing electronica and acoustic guitars to create a mellow folk/pop experience thats side effects may include lower blood pressure. We personally look forward to more Swede music magic in 2011.

Art Acoustic – Pure Energy

’Art Acoustic – Pure Energy’
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[Instrumental] Of Oceans – In love, Not Limbo

This band is a rare little miracle, its a faint sound in the wind… almost no information can be found on them except that they are based in Detroit MI. None the less Of Oceans created In, Love not Limbo and its a shame that its so difficult to find more from them because its a great sound. Its starts off with some dry beats and soft synths that makes you bob your head, but at one point the beats stop and its soothing like a slow motion Passion Pit, in the end there is a random conversation that i am actually interested in knowing more about… i love random conversations

Of Oceans – In love, Not Limbo

’In Love Not Limbo’
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