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[Tribal Pop] Manicanparty EP

The formidable duo from Minnesota first struck us with their anthemic single, “Rebels in the Light” late last year, and their self-titled EP, Manicanparty has finally arrived for us to relish.

The tribal rhythms throughout the EP are enough on their own to help any listener distinguish their sound from “just another pop band”. But the expressive lyrics carried with each note is what really stirred our interest and kept us listening. Every track shares a distinct narrative, and Jessica’s multifaceted vocals blend incredibly well with the variety of emotions you’ll feel throughout the album. Her clarion pitch reminds us of Dolores O’Riordan from the Cranberries with undertones of Ellie Goulding. Take a listen to “It’s In Her Eyes” and then to “Lonely Will Find Me”,  and you’ll know exactly what we mean. 

Jessica Corazza and Patrick Morrissey could definitely be on the up and rising, and we would not be one bit surprised if one of their songs make its way into the soundtrack of an upcoming film production.

It’s free for download, so why not give it a listen and drift off into the story of another for a little bit?

’Manicanparty – It’s In Her Eyes’
’Manicanparty – Rebels in the Light’
’Manicanparty – Monarch’
’Manicanparty – Lonely Will Find Me’
’Manicanparty – Bow Through My Heart’
’Manicanparty – You Are My Soul’
’Manicanparty – Farewell’
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[Synth-Indie] Ecstasy – Exhale


From the east of England, Herfordshire, comes a most mellifluous band known as Ecstasy. Contrary to the title of their new lead single, “Exhale,” you can be assured that your ears will wish they could somehow inhale the song to their fullest lung capacity. The dreamy, synth-indie sound is like a euphonic fusion of notes between The Naked and Famous x Smallpools. It’s self explanatory why their band name is what it is. Expect to feel your mood ascend when you give this track a listen.

December 9th is the date to remember for the Exhale EPbut the single is available now on iTunes. Oh, and Band of Horses fans may want to head on over here to listen to Ecstasy’s cover of “The Funeral.”

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[Alternative Rock] Kings of Leon – Wait For Me

About two weeks after the unveil of their single, “Super Soaker”, American rockers Kings of Leon release a second track entitled, “Wait for Me” off the brand new album Mechanical Bull (9/24). Although a bit mellower than “Super Soaker”, you’re still sure to recognize and appreciate that familiar down strum pattern of the bass guitar, easing its way into yet another hit track. For those who still favorite their 2008 album, Only by the Night, as I still do, you’ll find the track recollective of a hybrid between the most impressionable numbers, “Revelry” and “17”. So don’t be surprised if you find yourself crooning the chorus off guard, it’s a little bit contagious.

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[Indie] HAIM – The Wire

The Wire

The LA sister trio immersed us in their vivacious number, “Falling”  in February but hung us out to dry for the months after that. We’re glad that HAIM returns with their newly unveiled single, “The Wire”, which engulfs us wholeheartedly. We’re pretty sure that the three-part harmonies, rhythmic lyrics and effervescence of the song will be leaving you with fingers snapping at the very least – characteristics that we know their freshly completed debut album is sure to embody.

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[Indie] The Naked and Famous – Hearts Like Ours

The Naked And Famous
Hearts Like Ours

As if taking three years to produce and release a new album wasn’t enough of a tease, the Auckland indie rockers intensified the anticipation from fans by posting an InstaVid to the preview of their new single “Hearts Like Ours”,  just one day before the debut of the full song.

Expect to replay this number successively. Particularly if you’ve been intoxicated by Alisa Xayalith‘s siren tone, as we have in the past. Their hit track, “Punching in a Dream” left quite the impression, having been featured in the influential video, Kony 2012. And we are sanguine about the upcoming release of the new album, which bears a most enticing tracklisting. Don’t believe us? See for yourself.

In Rolling Waves, September 16. Pre-order it now.

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[Alternative] Kings of Leon – Supersoaker

Kings of Leon

Yeah, it’s about time! After more than a two year long hiatus, Kings of Leon finally make a fitting return this season with the track, “Supersoaker.” The band had cancelled tours in 2011 when lead vocalist, Caleb Followil, was advised to rest his voice to prevent further damage. And what good advice it was. We’re glad to let you know that those familiar, signature, gravelly vocals are back, and here to amplify your summer playlists.

Revel in their performance last night on Jimmy Fallon, and save the date for the launch of their sixth album, Mechanical Bull, on 9/24. 

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[Dreamfolk] Mt. Wolf – Veins

Mt. Wolf

You may remember how we featured a cover of Usher’s “Climax” by this eclectic London-based band last year. We’re happy to say that Mt. Wolf returns with yet another dream-like track, “Veins”, off their second EP. Kate Sproule’s formidable vocals are reminiscent of  Elena Torna’s delicate voice from indie folk band Daughter. Rest assured, the tune’s composition of transcendental synths, soft strings, and an impassioned voice will undoubtedly leave you in nothing less than a utopian state.

Sink into the full effect of their second EP Hypolight, available now.

Or indulge into the official music video for  their leading single “Hypolight“.


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