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[Awesome] Crystal Fighters – You & I

Crystal Fighters
You & I

With an (oh so) feel good blend of earth-toned acoustic instruments and flashy, fun sweeping pop on “You & I”, the UK’s Crystal Fighters continue to build up the anticipation for their new album, Cave Rave, due out this May. Just try to wiggle out of the grips of its charming chorus or that pretty, all-consuming little breakdown towards the end. Listen above and be sure to peep its newly released music video here.

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[NEW] MGMT – Alien Days

Alien Days

Seems like forever ago that MGMT‘s classic album, 2007’s Oracular Spectacular, came out and took the indie music scene for a psychedelic, acid-rock filled ride. Their sophomore LP, Congratulations, dropped in 2010 but despite fans’ rejoice, it never did seem to garner as much accolades as the debut. But, now this year the band’s gearing up to put out a new record and we’d be lying if we said we weren’t more than just a little bit curious. Their new single “Alien Days”, revealed amidst all the Record Store Day festivities this past weekend, is our first taste of the new album and points to more explorations in the realm of wacky, trippy, tie-dyed spectrums of color. What we mean to say is, if you liked MGMT before, you’ll likely keep on digging them with this song. Tune in.

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[NEW] Lana Del Rey – Young & Beautiful (from The Great Gatsby soundtrack)

Lana Del Rey
Young & Beautiful

Lana Del Rey makes her return to the new music world, thanks to the forthcoming film The Great Gatsby. “Young & Beautiful” showcases the pop singer in all her somber, dramatic glory. The haunting track is an interesting one for LDR — an H&M model, lovely style icon and overall gorgeous human specimen — as it has her calling out desperately, “Will you still love me when I am no longer young and beautiful? Will you still love me when I got nothing but my aching soul?” Fans of the songstress, as well as fans of the tragic literary tale, will enjoy this quite a bit. Listen to it below and be sure to pick up the official Great Gatbsy soundtrack (also featuring Florence and The Machine, Jay-Z, Beyonce and Andre 3000) when it drops May 6th internationally and May 7th here in the US.

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[Electronic] Disclosure – You & Me ft. Eliza Doolittle

Premiering last week on Annie Mac’s BBC Radio 1 show, “You & Me” is the latest track from UK producer duo Disclosure. Featuring vocals from Eliza Doolittle, it’s a thumpin’ cut that, once again, showcases the pair’s house leanings (we dig it so much, you might’ve seen it on our latest installment of the Chill Dojo!). Over the last year or so, they’ve slowly carved out a name for themselves in the electronic world — especially with their acclaimed remixes and choice collaborations — and it all leads up to June 3rd when they drop their debut album, Settle, via PMR Records. If that date seems a bit too far off, have no fear, they are scheduled to release a singles EP at the end of this month. Enjoy.

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Ellie Goulding – Don’t Say A Word (Star Slinger Remix)

Ellie Goulding
Don't Say A Word (Star Slinger Remix)

Running shoes, check! Water bottle, check! Ellie Goulding‘s Nike-sponsored Halcyon Remixed album, check! Yep, the songstress’ debut LP gets injected with real adrenaline thanks to producers like Birdy Nam Nam, Kastle and Amtrac. Here, we’re featuring its house-y “Don’t Say A Word” rework by UK remix maestro, Star Slinger. Listen to it below. And, if you like what you hear, make sure to download the entire Halcyon Remix mixtape for free here.

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Josef Salvat

This sweeping pop-electronica ballad from Aussie singer Josef Salvat might just save your heart or break it. It’s got a booming, thunderous … Continue reading »

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[Indie] POLIÇA – Tiff (feat. Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon)

Tiff (feat. Justin Vernon)

God. This is just bliss. If you’re unfamiliar with Poliça, today is your lucky day. The band, led by sensual vocalist, Channy Leaneagh, put out an excellent debut in 2012. Titled Give You The Ghost, it was the perfect combination of sexy electronica and smooth R&B — I mean, it’s certainly etched a spot in my playlist even after more than a year(!) — leaving many listeners anxious for more. Now, this week we get a new single called “Tiff”, featuring another infallible singer, Bon Iver‘s Justin Vernon. By default, it should be damn good…and it totally is. Listen in.

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