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[Electronic] Glass Animals – Holiest feat. Tei-Shi

Glass Animals
Holiest Feat. Tei-Shi

Glass Animals’ sound is pure bliss. With a new EP, Gooey, being released on April 7th, “Holiest” featuring Tei-Shi is definitely one of our favorite tracks from the British group.

With the perfect mix of smooth instrumentals, chilling vocals and gorgeous beats, “Holiest” is absolute fire and embodies a radiating flow reminiscent of Emancipator, with a bit more vocals, of course. Teaming up with singer Tei-Shi on this track takes Glass Animals’ already majestic sound and creates a calming melody that just emanates serenity.

Glass Animals and Tei-Shi together is absolutely captivating. We hope this collaboration doesn’t end here, but it is a beautiful pairing and only one of the amazing tunes from the laid-back EP. So turn up the volume and lose yourself in “Holiest.”

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[Indie] Still Parade – Fields

Still Parade

Berlin-based songwriter and producer Niklas Kramer, known as Still Parade, has had a slow start with the release of his four-track EP “Fields.” Initially completed in 2013, tracks from the EP have been kept under the radar…until now. The premier of lead track Fields has left us in love with Still Parade.

There can honestly never be enough relaxing tracks like Fields in the world. This has such a feel-good melody that you can just get lost in. Fields doesn’t just have your typical indie-folk sound, though; there are bursts of electronic beats that are placed between the chilling instrumentals that make this track so amazing. These etherial electro-indie sounds are matched by the soft vocals of Niklas Kramer, creating a calm and dreamy tune that anyone with a love for indie could listen to for hours. Yes, hours.

The only negative about “Fields” is that you’re gonna have to wait until May 6th to stream and download the entire EP. But for now, ninjas, enjoy this track and get excited for what’s to come from Still Parade.

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[Electronic] Talos – Tethered Bones

{ Talos }
Tethered Bones

Easily one of my new favorites, singer Eoin French teams up with producer Ian Ring to release Talos debut single “Tethered Bones.”  This track mixes different layers of emanating beats that perfectly compliment a voice reminiscent of Bon Iver.

“Tethered Bones” has an incredibly original sound, which is super refreshing for a song about the complications of love and relationships.  The introduction of pulsing beats that flow into French’s instrumental voice almost sounds like the echo of a beating heart.  These beats taper off at the opening of the vocals and for good reason; the melody found in French’s voice needs little support.  He has the sort of voice that would seriously make anything worth listening to.  But even with his stand-alone, radiating tone, we absolutely love the soul and spirit that come from the composition of sounds underlying such a captivating singer.

There’s just something about “Tethered Bones” that is so infectious and emotional.  It isn’t hard for a song to evoke deep emotion, but it is unusual for a song to leave you feeling euphoric while also embodying the pain and anguish of an emotion as complex as love.  That’s what this track is all about: expressing the complicated transformation of love.

“Tethered Bones” just gets better and better each time you listen to it, and now Eoin French and Ian Ring have some pretty high expectations to live up to with this new project.

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[Electronic] Daniel Ryan – The Sun/Monster

Originally from Santa Barbara, California, Daniel Ryan’s indie style hits a high note in his recently released collaborative EP, The Sun, featuring two tracks: “The Sun” and “Monster.” “The Sun” is a fresh track that stands out because it perfectly combines the relaxing sounds of indie-rock with unique electronic beats.

With influences like Pretty Lights and Bonobo, Ryan mirrors these stand-alone artists by creating a sound unique to him. Delivering on originality, “The Sun” begins with a soft instrumental intro that meshes into an electric harmony between Ryan and Molly Williams. Not only is there one amazing voice showcased throughout the track, Williams adds an unmatchable quality with her sound that connects beautifully to the pulsating electronic beats in the background. This mix between indie and electronic simply radiates good vibes and an electric energy.

With an anywhere, any time type of melody, this is a must listen to track that will leave you pressing the play button over and over again.

’The Sun (feat. Molly Williams)’
’Monster (Feat. Molly Williams)’
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