Lately I have not been doing a very good job keeping this blog non-genre specific. From the very beginning I have tried to write about different genres from all across the globe… now with already 4 electronic/remix posts in a row, all I can see is that lately I cannot get enough of it! And certainly the talented German Dj Azzido Da Bass is not helping either with his awesome new single “I want u”! I just received it on my inbox this morning and its just one of those songs I want to post here right away. Hes upcoming EP will be released on the 7th September 2009.

“I want u” – Azzido Da Bass

’I want u’

You probably know him by his take on Weezers Troublemaker and also his famous single Doom Night
Weezer – Troublemaker (Azzido Da Bass Dub)

’Weezer – Troublemaker (Azzido Da Bass Dub)’

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