Just in time for your Friday night, we have a EP of neck-wrenching bangers. If you’re not familiar with Knife Party, it’s about time you get familiar with them. The side project which consists of Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen from Pendulum throw down some serious heat. The best part about this heat? It’s free. The EP comes out on December 12th and will be available for download on their website.

Our personal favorite on this EP? Destroy Them With Lazers. Ninja’s aren’t really known for utilizing the lazer as a weapon, but after this song, we may look into it. The space-age synth gives a surge of energy that builds to a banging-hard drop. The beauty of this track is it switches back and forth between hard electro, and a big-room feel that just makes you want to dance.

Happy Friday y’all. Your livers are fully rested from last weekend, and ready for some debauchery. Just remember – don’t drink and drive.

Fire Hive (Original Mix)

’01 Fire Hive (Original Mix).mp3′

Tourniquet (Original Mix)
’02 Tourniquet (Original Mix).mp3′

Destroy Them With Lazers (Original Mix)
’03 Destroy Them With Lazers (Original Mix).mp3′

Internet Friends (Original Mix)
’04 Internet Friends (Original Mix).mp3′
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