It is finally here, one of the most hyped dubstep songs Skrillex has to offer and yet you can rest assure this will kill ‘Levels’ for good, leaving it to slowly die in irrelevance with the other tracks of 2011. Although this is actually a pretty decent remix, we can predict for this to be the tipping point for ‘Levels’ demise soon being overplayed in a few weks. And that is actually the natural order of things in the EDM world, out with the old and in with the new, perhaps we are just bitter because we became so attached to the delicate strings Avicii had to offer in the song and “skrillifying” just does not sound right.

Nonetheless, please tell us what you think about the remix from the now Grammy nominated dubstep artist Skrillex. Maybe we are taking things too serious and should just enjoy music. He definitely stepped up the bass on this song providing his signature (and some times overdone) bassline and an slew of destruction to the vocals of ‘Levels’.

Don’t forget to check out favourite LA producer Clockwork remix HERE too – it’s bloody great. So without futher adieu… a filthy remix of  a great track….

Avicii – Levels (Skrillex Remix)

’Levels – Skrillex Remix.mp3′


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