With good vocals, good remixes will follow

It’s a phrase as old as time. Well, at least for as long as us Ninjas have been writing. That’s certainly what we have on our hands today, as Massachusetts-based AObeats offers up a stunning, sultry, and bedroom-ready remix of Benta’s “Lover in Dark.” Before we dive into the remix, we should probably introduce you to the man behind those sensual vocals. Mysterious in nature, Benta is somewhat seasoned in the music biz, having experienced success at an early age. Yet, that early success didn’t quite fulfill his artistic ambitions. Following suit with so many other musicians, a solitudinous approach proved to be the key to proper expression.

That’s where “Lover In Dark” comes in, the lead single from his debut EP, Noir. After releasing this dark and twisted R&B track, in tandem with a charitable cause, Benta is ready to have a handful of artists let their imaginations run wild.

Let’s circle back to AObeats. Seeing his name on our site shouldn’t come as any big surprise. We’ve covered his soulful future bass and trap releases over the past few years, continually finding ourselves impressed with his offerings. This time around, he’s dialed in an interpretation that’s true to both artist’s name and personality; a fusing of two worlds, if you will.

Using the original vocals as the hook, this remix maintains the seductive vibes of the Benta’s work. Yet, as much as those passionate R&B vibes are front and center, AObeats flips the track upside down with a heavy kick, smooth bassline, and sonic synths. The end result is a tune truly worthy of your “Netflix and Chill” playlist.

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