Lelystad/Amsterdam producer Boeboe has been dropping bass beats for well over a year now, but it is his most recent fascination with trap that has gotten us excited.

Celebrating his 1k likes on Facebook, Boeboe just released a tasty treat using the classic 1996 single ‘No Diggity’ by American R&B group Blackstreet and featuring Dr. Dre and Queen Pen. Let’s face it, trap, as with most genres, has gotten a bad rep. Many producers argue of its easiness to produce and quite frankly that Lil Jon-esque “WHAT?” vocal sample that’s been sprinkled on almost every trap track is getting annoying.

Yet Boeboe takes things one step further executing a seamless rendition between the original and the modernized trap sounds of today. From its thrilling introduction to they very last second, each and every loop is delicately crafted for maximum enjoyment. Please go and check out more of Boeboe on his soundcloud.

’Blackstreet – No Diggity (Boeboes 1k Likes Remix)’
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