Yolanda Be Cool & D Cup
We No Speak Americano (BUSTED By HeRobust)

Pretty much everyone has heard some version of this song at some point, whether it was the original or one of the many subsequent remixes. I remember hearing versions pop up when I first started working here at TMN and still love hearing Trumpdisco’s take on “We No Speak Americano” every now and then. When I saw the name Yolanda Be Cool I immediately thought it was a remix of one of their newer tracks. Maybe “Love Keeps?” Then I re-read it and got really excited.

While this song definitely saw plenty of remixes, it’s been a while since I’ve heard one. And it’s been even longer since I’ve heard one this good. Leave it to Hotlanta producer/DJ HeRobust to turn this track upside with some massive bass heavy trap beats. The vocal sampling is spot on and the razor sharp synths really give this track a new feel while still maintaining the latin flare of the original. The track continues with a energetic hard style build only to leave you feeling bruised and busted with another devastating drop.

Head over to HeRobust’s Soundcloud and snag this free download for yourself.

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