La Tropicál
Chex ~ Purple Craze

The trio Chex is entering the dojo to unveil their new single “Purple Craze” that features vocalist Lily Grieve. In this Music Ninja Premiere we get the group’s second single, a soulful electronic record whose pop tendencies could serve as the pivotal piece in launching these creators to stardom.

“Purple Craze” is a dashing single. Vibrant, yet soft, this creation is a medicinal dose of cool. It’s got the right chill vibe, but it’s also got dance-able rhythms and grooves giving it the energy it needs to be a record fans ache for live. Chex aim to give their tracks a live feel, so we can only imagine what they have cooking for their shows. “Purple Craze” will certainly be one of their go-to songs and we’re happy we have the chance to give you a first listen to it right here. Want the song for yourself? Download it for free through the new indie imprint Name The Game Recordings.

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