Journey To The Middle East/ft-Vanessa Elisha

Let’s take a trip. Better yet, a journey. A “Journey To The Middle East” where if they had more music like this, peace might be a more attainable aspiration. Coming through with your weekly dose of Friday feels is Haan808, who brings us this mind-numbingly beautiful piece, plucked straight from his recently released Thank Them EP. The “them” we should be thanking in this case are the talented New Zealand based producer, and his wonderful partner, the gorgeous and gifted Vanessa Elisha, who’ve teamed up for one of the most gloriously mesmerizing numbers we’ve heard in quite some time.  As the gates to heaven slowly creak open, we find ourselves greeted by Elisha’s soothing, yet sultry angelic vocals. While her presence shortly fades out, we’re left immersed in a complete state of euphoria, surrounded by wavey synths and varied endearing percussion. We found ourselves locked in the single’s spellbinding grasp more than a few times during the lead-up to this post, and we’re confident you’ll lose yourself in the experience as well. Check out the miraculous single above, and be sure to thank Haan by snagging a copy of his EP over on Bandcamp.

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Vanessa Elisha