One of the most difficult things about this business is coming across remixes of your favorite tracks. When you have a song that you’re in love with, it’s almost a sin to hear it in any other way. There is, however, the occasions where you hear that remix that blows you away. Case in point: Germany Germany’s remix of Oh No! Yoko’s “Go Alien”.

The mega-indie-pop track from Oh No! Yoko’s album Pau Pau is near and dear to my heart. The poppy structure and dreamy vocals provide a track that I’ve listened to time and time again. Canadian remixer Germany Germany has utilized those dreamy vocals to create a gorgeous remix. The shoegaze build up is massive, and downright beautiful. The remix then builds into something a little more upbeat, incorporating rock elements to tie it back to the original.

Whether you liked the original track, or didn’t, this is one remix that you’ll want to hit repeat on.

’Oh No! Yoko – Go Alien (Germany Germany remix)’
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