Cody Crump
Just Another Day

Unfortunately, today is only Wednesday. You could look at it as a hard-earned midway point in another work week filled with minute-to-minute minutia, but our guess is you’re probably seeing it as still being two days until you can finally be free from having to deal with school or work.

Los Angeles indie act Cody Crump feels your pain. “Just Another Day” is his latest release, boasting a message that most of us can most assuredly associate with:

This sexy number is about the feeling of being trapped in a soul crushing, life stealing, meaningless – daily routine – a shitty job, a bad relationship, whatever the hell feels like it is slowly making you die, etc.

The tune radiates with a garage rock energy, coupled with hazy guitar work that buzzes alongside Crump’s sardonic lyrics. While it may be a little gloomy, there’s an undeniable charm that goes along with it, quite possibly due to the mix of falsettos and vocal harmonies that create an uplifting aura. Either way, it’s helping us look at this week as more of half-full than half-empty.

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