Color Therapy
Challenger Deep (featuring Helios)

Somewhere in Dallas lies a melodic dreamer, slowly architecting intricate soundscapes in his mind, miles above what most of us could ever dream of constructing.

“Challenger Deep,” which is premiering here today, comes off of the upcoming album from Texas-based musician Color Therapy. The home-studio producer title shouldn’t throw you off, as we can guarantee this is as lush, well-produced, and downright gorgeous as anything you’d find from the finest studios in the world.

Co-produced by well-known ambient journeymen Helios, “Challenger Deep” drives forward with piano melody and watery, echoing claps, ultimately brooding deeply with cinematic essence. Dark and light flirt effortlessly with one another as the song progresses with soaring synth lines, crafting something that’s truly perfect to help you wade into Monday’s muck and mire.

The upcoming album Mr. Wolf Is Dead is out March 24th and features The Album Leaf, Helios, and Hammock as guests.

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