Santa Barbara natives Candyland stray away from their normal grimey filthy Dubstep ways and drop this massive melodic remix of AC‘s track “Need Your Heart”. I’ve been in contact with Josie recently and she mentioned working with some epic artists, I didn’t ever expect something this awesome. Seriously though, with AC and Candyland on the same track, dreams can come true. With some amazing vocal splicing on the intro, and some epic synths and leads, it’s sure to make you smile. Once the track gets going, they tweak Kai‘s voice in all the right ways, accompanied by some super-sexy harmonic amazingness that is sure to kill every dance floor around you. This remix shows the range and talent of these two epic producers, Josie and Ethan, proving why they will one day take over the world. Cheers.

’Adventure Club ft. Kai – Need Your Heart (Candyland Remix)’
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