So it’s fair to say that deadmau5 has been quite a polarizing figure lately with his comments surrounding the whole ‘button pushing’ issue in live sets. This time however, it’s not Joel’s voice diverging opinion, but the vocals of Gerard Way in the official release of ‘Professional Griefers’ which premiered exclusively on Pete Tong’s Radio 1. This track has featured in plenty of his shows over the past year and I have been eagerly awaiting a release date since the first low quality version surfaced on the internet with the title ‘Deer Bus’. The choice to include vocals from the ‘My Chemical Romance’ lead-singer has proven to be pretty contentious among his audience, but when you’re appealing to a fanbase that breaks into the millions, there’s bound to be a mixed reception over any new direction taken. Personally, I felt the production on the track was strong enough to do without any lyrical input, but if you were to complement those aggressive basslines with vocals, then the punk-rock stylings implemented here seem to be a fitting choice. You have to admit that chorus is damn catchy! That said, when September 2nd rolls around I’ll be hoping for an instrumental release on this one, but props to Joel for not being afraid to do something new. The man knows how to create an anthem.

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