Want You (EXCLUSIVELY premiered by PETE TONG) #Radio1 #BBC

Having earned an impressive number of accolades and honors to his name, the Swiss-based producer has remained at the top of his game through nearly two decades of change around him, for good reason. EDX has mastered his craft, and though he has perfected his signature style of progressive house, the talented musician pushes the envelope and challenges himself to explore other genres within electronic music. One such example of his exploration into different sounds is his remix of “Uruguay,” by Sons of Maria and Nora en Pure, which has dominated the Beatport Deep House charts, even now, almost four months after its release. Tracks like “Cool You Off,” showed off a more chilled-out side of EDX’s brand of music, while “Remember House” adopted a deeper, groovier persona than his typical work.

His latest track, “Want You,” rides the line between his older work and his newer works. Without abandoning the progressive style that characterized his music of old, EDX simultaneously gives the tune new life with his dark undertones and a hypnotic vocal loop. “Want You” will be released on April 13th via HK Records, but enjoy the stream the track above!

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