essess & Mike Gill
Love Somebody Else

When we caught onto the latest collaborative release from burgeoning House and Garage duo Essess and longtime UK club staple Mike Gill (both acts currently taking up residence in London), through Ministry of Sound sub-label HK Records, we had some lofty expectations. Luckily for us, Esses & Gill have crafted a deep, dark and seductively hooking single with “Love Somebody Else”. The tune bolts out of the gate with a thumping 4/4 kick, while echoes of techno leaning pads establish themselves atop careful string progressions. By the time “Love Somebody Else” finished building its thick sea of dance minutiae, and has unloaded a bouncing deep-house topline, an appropriately pitched vocal bursts through to push this one straight to our playlist of favorite club singles. We’re beyond thrilled to premiere Essess and Mike Gill’s “Love Somebody Else”, as this one is sure to catch on with the most ardent of House fans very soon. Beat them to it above.


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