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You Give Me Butterflies [Pets Recordings]

When traveling to the coast, our playlist usually consists of a mix of melodic deep house, an overabundance of tropical house, and upbeat chillwave to really set the mood for a perfect day in the sunshine. Typically, we wouldn’t include Justin Jay, as his previous works are more suitable for the early morning warehouse atmosphere. But, with the announcement of his upcoming Momentum EP and the release of “You Give Me Butterflies,” this young Dirtybird talent has made his debut on that aforementioned playlist.

With college graduation on the horizon, Justin Jay can’t help but be excited to finally delve into his career aspirations and produce full-time. He locked himself in his college dorm room over the past months to expertly craft his fourth EP that will be seeing its release on Catz ’n Dogz premiere record label Pets Recordings.

The other two songs, “Momentum” with Dirtybird brethren Kill Frenzy and “How I Knew,” will deliver the Justin Jay cuts that fans know and love, but the LA-based talent has shown us his true artistic versatility with “You Give Me Butterflies.” The summertime tune builds around his usual rhythmic percussion arrangements. but add in soft flute elements and whimsical bass tremors to add a surprise flair to the EP.

When asked about this tune, Justin had this to say:

As I’m finishing up an incredible last year of college, and getting to do all of these amazing things in music, it’s felt natural making happy, lighthearted songs that really capture my mood these days. I’ve spent a large part of the last year exploring darker sounds and textures. I definitely want to continue experimenting in that direction, but I wouldn’t want to neglect my goofy, cheerful side either. “You Give Me Butterflies” is a carefree day at the beach, spent with your friends, acting like 8 year-olds.
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Justin Jay