After coming off of two slightly more accessible, pop-infused remixes over the past few months, both of which went on something of a viral run, option4 is back to his soulful, deep and banging ways with a debut release on the digital only outlet for one of the most sought after and respected house labels, Nurvous Records. The Love Like No Other/Black Cats EP wholeheartedly establishes itself right off the bat with what is safe to say should be the golden standard of option4’s production skill “Love Like No Other”. Featuring Ethan Converse of Denver’s brooding synth-pop group FLASH/LIGHTS on vocals, the tune commences within the same formula as most house cuts – behind a 16 bar intro built on a shuffling percussion, four to the floor rhythm, deep swells and a spacy layer of pads – and plays its way groovily through the opening half. The real beauty lies after the harpsichord heightened break on “Love Like No Other”, as option4 flips the track on its head with one of the most infectious house breakdowns we’ve heard in God knows how long, as he seamlessly lets a new hook carry its listener all the way to the finish line. We had the chance to hear this one played out live a few times as the Denver based producer recently opened for Rusko at The Fillmore in Denver and Moby at the Belly Up in Aspen, and all we could think was “What is this track?!” Thankfully the fine A&R department in NYC with Nurvous Records saw fit to present the rest of the world with a full release, so we can all rest easy.

“Black Cats”, the EP’s B-Side is a little more of a throwback to the original classic house from the late 80’s which so heavily influences the option4 sound. Featuring a chopped, spliced and reprocessed vocal in which it has become increasingly clear only he can do, “Black Cats” takes us to the middle of a true house dancefloor with support from a superbly crafted bass line and articulated kick-clap. Both singles are available for purchase on Beatport here, and if they had you bouncing half as hard as us, then without equivocation we recommend you pick up both tracks. Stream option4’s Love Like No Other/Black Cats EP below.

’option4 – Love Like No Other feat. FLASH/LIGHTS (Original Mix)’
’option4 – Black Cats (Original Mix)’
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