ill.Gates, the Toronto-born San Francisco-based producer who recently collaborated with Bassnectar on his new album Divergent Spectrum just dropped what we are calling one of the grittiest Die Antwoord remixes ever created.

Back in the beginning of November, Die Antwoord put up a video for their new single, ‘Fok Julle Naaiers’, a track which translates as ‘Fuck You All’. Die Antwoord parted ways with their previous label Interscope claiming that Interscope was doing its best to turn them into something more pop-friendly. Nevertheless they will self release their new album TEN$ION on their own label Zef Recordz.

Not that Die Antwoord needed to gather any more attention than they already have, but ill.Gates has transformed the original attitude-filled ‘Fok Julle Naaisers’ into a massive bass hitting, head-bobbing masterpiece that will please many bass junkies.

ill.Gates – ill.Gates VS Die Antwoord, Round 2 (Fok Julle Naaiers)

’illGates – illGates vs Die Antwoord Round 2.mp3′

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