Morgan Page has had some enormous tracks, and seeing remixes is a natural progression for months to follow. Before this, we hadn’t heard much about LoBounce, the young producer from Chicago, but he has our attention now. He has a really unique sound, which he describes as, “Drippy Bass”. It’s a melodic dubstep that crosses musical boundaries, and is really infectious.

This remix of Morgan Page’s song, Fight For You, has smooth melty basslines, complex synth, and the occasional drop of gritty dubstep wobble. After listening to his entire Soundcloud set, we felt it was only right to post a few of his other tracks. They range from neck-breaking dubstep to filthy electro.

Sit back, and enjoy the ride.

Morgan Page – Fight For You (LoBounce Remix)

’Morgan Page – Fight For You (LoBounce Remix).mp3′

Creep – Radiohead (LoBounce Remix)

’Creep – Radiohead (LoBounce Remix).mp3′

LoBounce – Oil Slick (Original Mix)

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