Taiwan Mc ft. Biga Ranx
Mojo Rydim (Jamie Bostron Remix)

Okay, so we all know that every now and again an artist will decide to do a remix competition; release their track then let DJs all over the world muck about with it. Now a lot of these remixes can suck with these kinda comps, but every now and again you get an absolute gem. This is the case with this track.

Jamie Bostron (J Bostron for short) is an up and comer from Glasgow, Scotland. Because of that there isn’t a huge amount we can tell you about the guy. This isn’t the kind of song to suit if you’re having a lazy Sunday but if you feel like taking a break from doing sweet F A then have a listen to this. J Bostron has taken Taiwan MC & Biga Ranx’ new track “Mojo Rydim” and made it his own. Expect elements of that ragga sound, some real nice dubwise beats and a drop that will make you wanna get up and stomp around.

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