Clown Party

With the coming of the remake of “It” I wasn’t planning on doing anything with clowns anytime soon because that new trailer is a bit freaky (I’ll still see it anyways). That was until “Clown Party” by Basstrick came through the pipeline thanks to the people over at Buygore Records. Now, I’m all about the clownin’.

“Clown Party” has quickly become one of my favorite dubstep tracks of the year. There’s not one thing about it that even slightly should be changed. Dubstep usually isn’t too catchy, but this I just can’t get out of my head. Every bass, the synth lines; everything about it is good. It even dips into some dembow which is a favorite rhythmic poison of mine. Whether you’re a dancing raver or a headbanger, “Clown Party” will suffice for your particular passion. Basstrick has put out some incredible singles in the past, but this one takes the cake. Grab a copy of it today through the digital service of your choice.

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