So many great things come out of the Netherlands. Rembrandt’s art, Legal Marijuana (for all you stoners out there), Beautiful Canals, Electronica music, and wooden shoes. Ok, well maybe not wooden shoes. Anyways, this track continues to validate that trend.

White Noise is known for his broad range of production abilities, banging out great electro, house and dubstep tracks. In this remix of the classic Nancy Sinatra Song, White Noise developed a crazy dancy dubstep beat that growls over Nancy’s voice. While the wobble is definitely apparent, it’s not so obnoxious that it overwhelms the original music in the track, which makes it that much better. It’s creative, well mixed and simply put – easy to jam over and over again.

Nancy Sinatra – Bang Bang (White Noise Remix)

’Nancy Sinatra – Bang Bang (White Noise Remix)’

via indieshuffle

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