If you have been following the Friday Party Playlists, then the name Ray Volpe shouldn’t be something new to you. The NC producer has been steadily unveiling his Bipolar EP over the past month, and now it is here in full.

Bipolar features five singles, including a collaboration with the fellow young talent Tucker Kreway. Ray Volpe has been a masterful creator of dubstep for a long time now. Even when it was “dead” in many people’s eyes, Ray was continuously releasing records that proved otherwise. Today, his Bipolar EP is not only a testament of his talents and style, but him as the man behind the music. Each song is a part of him, and each song is undeniably fire. We’ve been jamming these hot tunes for some time, with the record “With Me” being replayed particularly often. Your favorite may be different, but go through all five and pick for yourself. Any of them have a shot, that’s how good Bipolar is. If you’re digging this EP as much as we are, head over to iTunes for the purchase.

’Make Me Feel’
’With Me’
’Full Control’
’Better (with Tucker Kreway)’
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