Everything Toronto-based producers Zeds Dead touch seems to turn to gold. Ever since they catapulted themselves onto the EDM scene with their brilliant remix of The Moody Blues a few years back, these two Canadians have put their stamp on everything from Radiohead to The Rolling Stones, never failing to deliver even when faced with such epic source material. In their latest quick-hitter remix, Zeds Dead take on “Divine” by parisian electro soul rocker Sebastian Tellier. They keep true to their unique style with near-silent breakdowns just before knarly bass drops and bring in a new swinging, quirky drum beat and ultra fast arpeggios on this remix for some extra French swagger. We’re hoping to hear a lot more in the future from two of Toronto’s best producers and with tracks like this one coming down the pipeline we likely won’t be disappointed.

Sebastien Tellier – Divine (Zeds Dead Remix)

’Sebastien Tellier – Divine (Zeds Dead Remix)’
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