If anyone has ever heard The Weeknd before, they know what a tantalizing effect his music has on any listener; you feel like you are in a music coma and that is exactly why he named his song “Twenty Eight”. There are approximately twenty-eight grams in an ounce which is information known in the illegal drug world. The Weeknd knew how his music made people feel and one group who just enhanced that captivating feeling is Bring the Noise with their mind hypnotizing remix.

The song begins with just a solo piano beat with the slow introduction of more steady beats until The Weeknd’s voice comes streaming through with a nice mix of vocals. The song continues in a flowing motion, with a constant piano before they drop some strong vibrating bass. The trio, from LA, captures the addicting feeling of the Weeknd’s sound while incorporating their own addicting beat drops and pulsating sound vibrations. Not only do they bring the noise but they bring their own passion for keeping the listener in a spell. Can I call myself an addict yet?

’The Weeknd – Twenty Eight (Bring The Noise Remix)’
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