Le Castle Vania - DIM Remix

Bit of a banger for you today! This single from German DJ/Producer D.I.M originally came out on Boys Noize Records way back in 2007. D.I.M sent it Dylan Eiland, aka. Le Castle Vania, to do what he does best on it and drop some dirty beats but he never managed to finish off the remix. Flash forward to now and Le Castle Vania decieded it was time to finish it off – and I’m very glad he has! The result is a big club banger that has one hell of a chunky bass and the ever welcome presence of a cowbell!

D.I.M. – Is You (Le Castle Vania Remix)

’D.I.M. – Is You (Le Castle Vania Remix)’

Le Castle Vania seems to have a really good ethos with his music. Everything he puts on his Soundcloud page is available for free download, so show him some love and check him out some more.

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