When we first came across Aylen, we knew the kid had talent. While some people may argue that it doesn’t take talent to make a great mashup, I can personally assure you that it does. In running Clayton’s Friday Party Playlist for over a year, and featuring numerous mashup artists, I’ve heard countless bad mashups. That’s never the case with Aylen though. In fact, his mashups have so much personality, you often forget you’re listening to someone else’s work.

I always loved when this Jersey based producer/Dj would drop something perfect for our party playlist, but today I’m even more excited as Aylen has dropped his first original electro house EP, consisting of two banging tunes. Seven days ago “Damage Control” and “Rapid Fire” hit the airwaves. The first of the two sports an industrial tone with rock style energetic synths that drive the beat into glitchy breakdowns. “Rapid Fire” is a little on the dancier side with chopped up vocal samples, and a big energetic melody.

Both are up as a free download for a “like” of his facebook page. Head over and grab yourself a copy.

’Aylen – Damage Control (Original Mix)’
’Aylen – Rapid Fire (Original Mix)’
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