Alex Newell
This Aint Over (VenessaMichaels Remix) [NEST HQ Premiere]

VenessaMichaels isn’t messing around. From Aaliyah to Destiny’s Child, her remixes fuse together the best components of house, club, and bass music into bright and buoyant experiences that can instantly turn your day around for the better.

This wild rendition of Alex Newell‘s “This Ain’t Over” cranks up to eleven right out of the gate with prominent vocals that guide the vibrant production from club kick patterns to gospel chords while simultaneously firing on all cylinders. It’s catchy, contagious, and cool all at once. VenessaMichaels has nailed down her sound, and it’s a sound that anyone and everyone can enjoy. If you can’t manage to dance even a little bit while listening to this new remix, you might want to reexamine a few things. Luckily, Nest HQ came through big time on the premiere for this tune, and, with releases like this, the #2090 life is a movement you need to be keeping tabs on. For the SXSW attendees this next week, definitely don’t miss out on her 2090 showcase.

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