Angus & Julia Stone
A Heartbreak (ODESZA Remix)

Angus and Julia Stone and ODESZA are both killing it at the moment in their respective genres. Angus and Julia, folky siblings out of Australia, released their self-titled, Rick Rubin-produced album at the beginning of last month and Seattle electronic duo ODESZA unveiled an ethereal masterpiece with In Return a week ago. Today, their unique styles collide with ODESZA’s official remix of the Stones’s bluesy, melancholic hit, A Heartbreak.”

ODESZA’s re-imagination starts off with a building groove sampling bits and pieces of the original while layering additional electronic contributions. The vocals from the chorus take over momentarily until about the 2:15 mark when the track explodes into the booming percussion that we’ve come to expect from the talented producers. The melding of the original version’s somber lyrics with the stadium-worthy stylings of ODESZA makes for a powerful combination that magnifies the emotional context. Give this unexpected collaboration a spin above.

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