Kenton Slash Demon

The capacity for emotional power within an instrumental composition should never be underestimated–a sentiment interestingly, and perhaps ironically, shared equally between fans of electronic and classical music. In fact, it could be argued that undeciphered abstraction leaves more room for personal and spiritual connection to a song. This couldn’t be more evident on “Harpe,” the latest single from Danish production duo Kenton Slash Demon, which is also one of their first official releases as recent signees to Australian juggernaut Future Classic. The label’s roster already boasts one of the most diverse collections of pioneering artists (Flume, Chet Faker, George Maple, Ta-Ku, Hayden James, Jagwar Ma and the list goes on) and their latest addition proves no different.

“Harpe” spans nearly seven minutes utilizing a stuttering, psychedelically-altered vocal sample backed by atmospheric pads and a steady house tempo to completely engross the listener with a repetitiveness that, at least for me, evokes a feeling of unrelenting reincarnation. That groove hits an interlude of suspension before returning with even more intricate textures. It’s an absolute musical odyssey that simultaneously elicits euphoria and darkness in a way that’ll connect with you in ways few tracks can.

Looking back at Kenton Slash Demon’s Soundcloud page, it’s clear why Future Classic chose them as their next project. If you’re digging this, we’d also highly recommend giving their Skydancer EP a listen.

P.S. Check out the heart-warming video for “Harpe” below.

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