FRND is back with a new single to – in a way – celebrate Valentine’s Day. Although it’s not about a straightforward relationship, the song centers around the true love that one has for another, even if they are with someone else.

“Substitute” is a highly emotional tune. FRND churns out his signature sound in this one that we, as well as fans, can’t get enough of. With this single, FRND is going to play with your feelings. If you’ve ever been in this situation, don’t be surprised if you end up reaching for some tissues. The lyrics, the melody, the vibe; everything works together to really strike deep in the listener and engage them in the song. It’s more than just a bunch of tones together, it’s a genuine expression that you can feel. Stream the song today and see just what FRND had to say about the song below.

Substitute is about realizing you’re someone’s option while they are your priority. You know what you feel is real but they refuse to leave their comfort zone and commit to you. In other words, just break up with your bf already.

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