Ruby Haunt
Freeway Crush (Nutrition Remix)

Although we like to share songs with you that you can take home with you, we also love to give you exclusive sneak peaks at what’s coming. For instance, today we’re sharing with you a remix by the producer Nutrition of “Freeway Crush” originally by Ruby Haunt. Thanks to the good people over at Majestic Casual, we’re giving you a first listen in this premiere.

Nutrition’s reinterpretation of “Freeway Crush” a bit more energy and a higher pace than the original. It still has the indie-dance sound that categorizes it, but Nutrition brings in some house qualities that give the track new life. This soft atmospheric single is perfect to wind the week down and transition over the a relaxed weekend. Whether you’re up and dancing, or kicking back to space out, the newly defined “Freeway Crush” is the anthem of the night tonight. Bring it with you to enjoy with some friends or bask in it by yourself. Either way, you’re going to be playing this one on repeat for maximal satisfaction.

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