Alive (Ennui Remix)

Oh we love a good Krewella remix here at TMN. Enter Ennui! or as his Chicago friends may like to call him, Nick Keenan. Here’s the thing, he is new, very new. And his name, Ennui, if you look it up means having too much time on his hands or little will to do something productive, this couldn’t be farther from Keenan’s truth. His Facebook Page and Soundcloud were only started last year so he’s fresh new in the Electronic Music scene but thank goodness he decided to grace us all with his musical presence. This remix does justice to the original song, Keenan throws in a lot of piano (love) and has some very intense drum spots followed by some head banging drops. He takes the voices of the Krewella ladies and just enhances their sound. Stunning remix but also check out his soundcloud, Keenan also dabbles in some original work, which is just as impressive. We can’t wait to learn more about this producer from Chicago and see where this newbie takes us all.

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