Moon Bounce

There’s either something in the water or in the Whiz out in Philly. We’ve been seeing more and more impressive artists hailing from the City of Brotherly love, and we’re featuring one more that just popped up on our radar.

Corey Regensburg, who assumes the moniker Moon Bounce, is a self-described “warped electronic maestro”. Beat-smithing his sound from scratch, ensuring that it’s something truly his own, he avoids samples. His sound is born from styling of classic R&B and Hip Hop, yet is anything from what you’d come to expect.

Utilizing an avant-pop blend of soft yet assertive vocals, one can’t help but call on associations of James Blake and Nicolas Jaar. In the first single off his upcoming EP, Dress Rehearsal, “Shake” is crackling with organic electronic vigor. With rolling hi-hat hits, a unique spattering of bass hits layered underneath razor sharp synths, this track has us drooling for the rest of the EP.

Falling under the genre of “Mutant RnB,” this aptly labeled EP will be dropping on 2/25 via Grind Select. We highly suggest you pick it up.

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