The musical landscape is an ever-evolving place and with it comes the listener’s insatiable thirst for fresh sounds and genres to constantly break new grounds. With that desire we often forget that this need exists as much with the artists making the music as it is with the wider population that listen to it. As far as we can tell from the new direction Australian bass producer Redial has taken with his latest Reflections EP, this was exactly the line of thinking that led to this journey from his traditional electro style into the future feel at play here.

Ironically, as much as “Reflections” suggests a lingering thought on the past, everything about this opening track of the EP suggests he is looking forward with a renewed perspective. Grand sweeping chords now replace the growling aggression of previous years, and there is a clear statement being made to suggest he is out to push the boundaries of current trends. Nevertheless, atmosphere has always been the key element behind all of his work, and that strength is certainly not forgotten here now. From the bass-ridden hypnotism of “Just What I Need” to the funk-driven “Vision,” the ethereal soundscape is the common link that ties this majestic collection together and will no doubt continue to be the feature of his arsenal to come.

As for us, we can definitely share this excitement for what’s in store next, given what’s on display here. The Reflections EP is out now via Beatport.

’Redial – Reflections’
’Redial – Just What I Need’
’Redial – Vision’
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