the toxic avenger

I recently discovered this track as part of a pretty cool/surprising project called “PEACE”. It is being described as a musical atlas, as it’s a compilation that includes 180 songs from artists all over the world. And what’s even better, you can get all 180 songs with a simple donation to Amnesty International Catalunya. The project was put together with the help of Spain’s Buffetlibre and there are some pretty cool tunes on here from a good mix of artists we all know, and artists we may not know as well. I’d heard of The Toxic Avenger but hadn’t heard any of their tunes. But once I found out they were French, I knew there was a good chance I’d like their music. What I like so much about this one is the way the beat changes so many times. It always keeps you guessing. But I wouldn’t really expect anything less from the French.

THe Toxic Avenger – NU 1553

NU 1553

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