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The Pauses are one of those upcoming bands you have never heard before, yet once you do, it almost feels like you are the first one to discover some untapped resource of fresh natural musical goo. While their recording still seems a little rough (granted these are just demo mp3s before they start recording for your debut album in june) you cant help but be taken in by their genuine contemporary pop rock sound with bits of electronica mixed in. It is surprising that they have only been together for little over a year as their amazing chemistry and the way each member bounces of each other, really comes through in their music.

The Pauses – Go North

’Go North Final.mp3′

The Pauses – Hands Up

’Hands Up.mp3′

The Pauses – The Migration

’The Migration.mp3′

The hail of out Orlando, Florida (where The Music Ninja headquarters are) and I just had to ask them a couple of questions to understand and learn more about them.

Here is what they had to say:

Q: First of all, How did you guys meet?
A: Many moons ago, Jason and I played in a band that just couldn’t keep it together. After taking a few years off, and after going through some emotional changes, I realized that I couldn’t live without playing music and needed it back in my life. I took a crack at writing songs, and asked Jason to help. He also added his own material into the mix. There were a few member changes before we reeled in Nathan, who had worked with Jason on an electronic project.

Q: How long has the band been together?
A: We’ve been a working band for about a year and half now, but it took a few member switcharoos to get a solid line-up.

Q: What are some of the music artists you think have influenced your style the most?
A: I can say that all of us are into the 90’s in a major way. We were teenagers during that time, so being exposed to so much crunchy guitar and alternative groups, I think, has a lot to do with the way that we approach songwriting. You might be shocked to hear that I still love and listen to Soundgarden!

Q: I am curious to know a little bit more about how you came up with your name The Pauses?
A: It’s probably the most uninteresting way a band has ever named themselves. But, literally, after relentless searching for a name, we happened to be working on a new song, and all decided that we liked “the pauses” that helped break up different sections. It quickly occurred to us that we also liked the name too.

Q: What has been some of your challenges/surprises as an upcoming indie band in Orlando?
A: Well, the most recent challenge is trying to raise enough money to record, mix, and master our album. We want a quality recording, and asked our friends and fans, and the good people of Kickstarter to help us pay for it. We picked J. Robbins in Baltimore because it’s really important for us to work with someone that we felt would compliment the material. We also wanted to get away from the comforts of our homes, and social life, to solely focus on this album. A surprise would be raising over $1,000 on Kickstarter within the first two days our project was launched! Go team!

Q: When is your next gig in Orlando? (I would love to meet you guys)
A: We have a date with Will’s Pub next Thursday, April 29th!

Q: How would you describe your sound in one sentence?
A: It’s like sipping on a slightly-sweetened dark roast in a chipped, vintage mug.

Q: and Finally when can we expect your debut album to come out?
A: Good question. The recording is taking place in June, and then mixing and mastering should come soon after. At the very least, I’d say that we will have something by the end of the year. The process of putting out music these days is really scary and exciting. But, I’m up for an adventure.

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