Erin Fein & Ryne Estwing

It’s one thing to have a publisher that adores its artist’s music. It’s another thing to have a publisher that encourages rostermates to interact with each other. It’s pretty much unheard of for a publisher to send members from each band on its roster to a gorgeous setting for a week of inter-label songwriting. That is unless you’re Red Brick Songs.

Two years ago we found ourselves wildly enamored with the quality of music Red Brick put out with their Casablanca Sessions on Lake Couchiching. The second we went through their playlist, we knew that this little Canadian indie publisher had created something special.

Flash forward two years, and we’re now ready to start checking out the product of their latest songwriter’s retreat. Fortunately for us, we’re bringing you the very first release off of The Red Album. “Tunnels” was crafted by Erin Fein (Psychic Twin), Ryne Estwing (ON AN ON) and Nygel Asselin (producer of Half Moon Run), and takes listeners on a surreal voyage, carried through by alternating vocalists and stunning harmonies. Coupled with some booming percussion, a light yet playful bassline and some ethereal synth melodies, “Tunnels” has us lost in some delectable daydreams.

As the weeks go on, Red Brick Songs will be releasing tunes from this incredible retreat which brought fifteen songwriters from all over North America to Deerhurst Resort. Expect to hear some fantastic stuff from members of ON AN ON, Psychic Twin, JMR, Los Encantados, EXROYALE, Andy Shauf, STACEY, Library Voices, In-Flight Safety, Cuff The Duke and Oh Travioso

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