JPhelpz & Algoreythm

Whenever you see the words ‘FIREPOWER’ and ‘NEW RELEASE’ in the same sentence, you already know that you are about to get extremely mental. Datsik’s label has consistently been firing out some major heat from the arsenal of bassheads and JPhelpz is definitely one that has seen a substantial amount of growth in a short period of time. We just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to premiere his new original track, “Brains”, alongside other basshead, Algoreythm.

First and foremost – if you are wearing headphones, we warn you in advance that you might experience hearing loss, hallucinations, and/or loss of motor abilities. Right from the beginning, “Brains” immediately makes you feel as if you’re in an episode of “The Walking Dead”, but with more zombie action and less crying from Rick. The instense sensations that are exuded from this dark, swampy, bass-heavy track gives us more the reason to completely lose ourselves in the moment. JPhelpz has done an incredible job thus far and will only help bass music get the push it needs to get to the forefront of electronic music. “Brains” is a clear indication that he is re-inventing the way bass music is perceived…and we like it.

Prepare for one of the most absurd experiences you will ever have with a track and get ready for his upcoming EP, “Living Dead” out on FirePower Records on June 24th.

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