This last Saturday marked a pretty incredible evening. Skylab 2011 blasted off in Denver, and thousands of spaced out party-goers invaded the Denver Colliseum to see an epic line up. While there were three stages, and a number of talented DJs, we had to choose our battles wisely, and chose to stay at the main stage for the majority of the evening.

The main stage, which looked like an alien spacecraft, started out with locals such as Dragon and Jontron, and Ecotek. As people started filing in, the names continued to get bigger and bigger. After the locals played, Headhunterz came on and played an old school hard house set. This definitely pumped up the energy in the room, and got everyone moving.

Next was BT. While his set was uncharacteristically hard, we have to admit, we liked it. He started off with a dubstep song that took everyone by surprise. From there the hard beats continued, and tore the building down beam by beam. BT did play some of his original tracks like The Emergency, but the majority were much harder than what he’s known for.

Next was Fedde Le Grand who was our personal favorite. I knew we were going to see heart shaped hands during So Much Love, but they stayed up through a lot of his tracks.

The final two acts were Avicii and Dash Berlin. Avicii had the crowd singing along through his whole set, from Sweet Dreams to Abow vs. Kings of Leon. We didn’t stay for Dash’s entire set, but we’re sure his trancy style winded the night down proper.

The party was really incredible. From the line-up to the galactic decor to the crazy-outer-space crowd, everything was spot on. Kudos to Triad Dragons and Beta Nightclub for throwing one hell of an amazing night.

First two photos are courtesy of Jjes84.

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