Adrian Lux & Marcus Schossow
Wild Child feat. JJ (Radio Edit)

Mr. Lux has made a name for himself with his hit singles “Teenage Crime”, “Strawberry” and “Can’t Sleep” off his self-titled debut album with Ultra Records. This year Adrian has been keeping busy traveling the globe on his DAMAGED Tour. Known for wooing crowds the world over with a diverse array of hip-hop, electro, and pop influenced tracks, Adrian Lux left us thoroughly impressed with his performance.

Prinz Adrian Johannes Hynne, better known as Adrian Lux, has a flare for the dramatic though his look is simplistic. Dressed in a dark tee shirt and devoid of jewelry, Adrian lets his enthusiasm for his music take the limelight. His choice in tracks and the emotion he exudes as he’s playing them speaks to his DJ prowess more so than any flash could. Miami EDM fans are known for having high standards and being tough to please. When you have a world class DJ (or 4) in your backyard on any given week, it’s easy to understand that one’s threshold for getting crazy on the dance floor may be elevated. Adrian Lux’s mix of perfectly timed build ups, unrelenting bass lines, and fresh remixes of fan favorites left us dancing like mad and begging for more.

We would be remiss to not address the environment in which this dance-fest took place. LIV, located within the luxurious Fontainebleau Resort in Miami Beach, is in the upper echelon of dance clubs worldwide. The audio-visual production incorporated in the LIV experience is truly breathtaking. Lasers, fog cannons, blanketing amounts of confetti, balloons, foam glow sticks, and even a train horn all combine with the stunning beauty of the residents of Miami to provide an occasion worthy of cherishing. The staff at LIV is courteous, the drinks are strong, and the organization within the venue is mathematic. When LIV’s ambiance is combined with the expert DJ skills of Adrian Lux, the end result is something very special.

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