Someone masterfully compiled every Skrillex song (or most) into an almost 3 minute clusterfuck of a track that surprisingly goes really well together. To be fair, if one takes a group of songs from the same genre, there are bound to be some similarities with the matching beats per minute and musical structure, and songs from Skrillex are no exception.

The evolution of Dubstep has been fascinating to watch. To take you back into dubstep history, one has to mention one of the first dubstep songs before it was even labeled ‘dubstep’: Horsepower’s remix of Elephant Man – Log On. Skream talks about the song on his facebook page:

For me this was the first Dubstep tune….The term ‘Dubstep’ came around shortly after this tune was made..It was either gonna be called that or ‘Raggage'(Which sounds like an STD)

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