London Grammar
Strong (RAC Mix)

We know it’s Friday and that the LAST thing you want to hear is something that’s going to make you want to cry. We may or may not be writing this with a box of tissues next to us and the repeat button on loop. London Grammar is one of those artists that we all have become very familiar with thus far; whether it be their emotive expression within their music or their ability to melodically suck you into a trap where you are forced to face all of your feels all at once.

Now, what is very special about today is that one of our long-time favorite artists, RAC, decided to put an intriguing spin on London Grammar’s masterpiece, “Strong”. Before you go on and say that it falls in the same sound as the original, we wanted to highlight that what RAC did with this song is absolutely stunning – genius actually. He broke down the core of this song and placed a large emphasis on Hannah Reid’s mesmerizing vocals along with the lyrical value of each word. The elusive, elongated synths in this remix make you feel as if you are sitting in an empty theater watching this being sung live. The acoustics and live elements that resonate from this track give us more the reason to love both London Grammar and RAC even more.

We cannot stop listening to this one and we hope that all of you can connect with easily one of the most beautiful tracks to date, so hop along the feels bandwagon and feel all sorts of ways right now.

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