Somewhere in the bubbling cauldron of brilliance that is Fictionist, we’re offered an incandescent soundscape that’s inescapable, causing us to stop what we’re doing and simply enjoy. While we can’t pinpoint what moment caused this almost chemical reaction, we can assure you that the quest to finding that moment is just as good as if you actually found that moment in this 10-song, wildly satisfying journey.

Harnessing numerous musical influences, from classics like Pet Shop Boys and Peter Gabriel, to the more modern pop masters like MGMT and Passion Pit, Fictionist has a sound that’s spawned from pieces of many, yet maintains a personality on its own with ease and accessibility.

With a new album coming out October 7th, this Utah-based five-piece have yet to gain the recognition they deserve, but we have a feeling this latest collection of tunes will help give them the adoration that is inevitably coming their way. Yes, we’re giving high praises to this LP, but it’s definitely earned.

Kicking the album off with a level of audible addiction is a lackadaisical journey that floats along a well-defined bassline, coupled with only slow, rhythmic percussion work, grainy vocals, and simplistic piano work. “Cut String Kite” is the perfect song for a laid-back Sunday, or a lengthy road trip, either way, fully encompassing you in its attractive progression.

“Miss You” boasts glowing synthesized tones which expertly accentuate the lead vocals, all of which caress a crawling bassline that gives this song a painfully familiar vibe. On the other end of the spectrum, “Free Spirit” is defined by its danceable percussion and bass, coupled with glowing synths provide what we can only imagine is one hell of fun part of their live performance.

While this is an album that can be listened to start to finish with ease, we can’t say that you won’t have to mess with it once you start listening. Don’t get us wrong, you won’t have to skip any songs, but you will have to hit repeat on a few. They’re simply that good.

Tour dates:
10/17 – Provo, UT @ Velour Live Music Gallery
10/22 – Brooklyn, NY @ The Living Room – Williamsburg (Big Picture Media Official CMJ Showcase)
10/23 – Brooklyn, NY @ The Rock Shop (CMJ Music Marathon)
10/25 – New York, NY @ Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2 (CMJ Music Marathon)
10/25 – New York, NY @ Pete’s Candy Store (CMJ Music Marathon)
11/3 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Viper Room

’Cut String Kite’
’Not Over You’
’Free Spirit’
’Lock and Key’
’Statue In The Stone’
’Miss You’
’Cant Get Enough’
’Give It Up’
’Leave the Light On’
’City At War’
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