FIGURE, the master of creating dark and heavy dubstep productions is now releasing for free, one of his exclusive tracks from his live sets. He explains:

God Slay the Fiend is track that’s been strictly for my live sets, but I get so many request for it after shows that I’ve decided to release it. Sampling one of my favorite movies, SLC Punk, it resonates because it pokes fun at Americans talking like they’re British. Big love to my friends on both sides of the pond, I think the deeper take-away is just about YOU being YOU. Musicially… creatively.. socially… 7 billion people copying each other would make for a boring ride.

While it may not be the same caliber as most of his stunning singles, “God Slay The Fiend” is the perfect track to satisfy your Figure itch until the an official release.

’FIGURE – God Slay The Fiend (Original Mix).’
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