Rarely do experimentalism and accessibility go hand in hand, but on their fourth album the London-based Tunng strike a fine balance. The electronic folk band’s …And Then We Saw Land is the best album yet from a group for whom musicianship comes as naturally as breathing. Their mix of earthy folk and spare electronics yields a consistently striking collection of songs. Take for instance the first track on the album, “Hustle.” The track opens with an echoing club beat backed by spare piano chords, before quickly dissolving into clean, finger picked guitar and a simple shaker. The song only gets better from there. Soon a twangy, relaxed banjo joins the mix, smattering the song with its folksy flavor, and by the minute-twenty mark, the track has evolved into a full-fledged, chorus driven folk jingle. So where does this put Tunng? Undeniably they are a folk band, yet they are also much more. Read full review at inyourspeakers.com

tunng-and-then-we-saw-land-300x287Tunng – Hustle


Tunng – Bullets


Bonus:Tunng – Hustle (Cillo Remix)

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